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Ms Divine's wacky skits will have you laughing and thinking.

Subway Search

Watch Ms. Divine's mini sketch film, Subway Search starring Lieut. Ox Malford, Ms. Shito Bito, and the Russian Mafia Super. Ms. Shito Bito is on her way to see her boyfriend, but gets stopped at the subway for the longest search ever. Running Time: 18:10
Subway Search

Ill Bills

Ms Poopee Doodee pays a visit to Dr. Doctor in the hopes of finding out why her money is simply not going very well. Watch this strange skit and see the various absurd things she does, all for the sake of trying to cure her Ill Bills. After all in today's economic crisis, one needs to resort to unique and unusual ways in preserving the value of the US dollar.
Ill Bills

Handful of Therapy

Ms Poopee Doodee has trouble with her hands and seeks therapy from Dr. Doctor.
Handful of Therapy

The Dead Bookworm

Ms Poopee Doodee performs the poem The Dead Bookworm by HP lovecraft.
The Dead Booksworm

When Guns Go Bananas

Senor Nacho is looking for Uncle Taco, but finds a strange apartment. Inside is a fat man(Lieut Ox Malford) fast asleep. Nacho mistakes him for Uncle Taco and wonders if he ate too many tacos. Suddenly Lt Ox Malford wakes up and is in a shooting frenzy. Have guns gone bananas?
When Guns Go Bananas

KKK Dilemma

The dude in white is out of white sugar for his black coffee. Alas his neighbor Ms Shito Bito only has brown sugar to spare. What's a guy to do? (Runtime: 16:19)
KKK Dilemma

Pocket Calculator

The Russian Mafia Super receives a magic pocket calculator.
Muisc by Kraftwerk, Pocket Calculator
Pocket Calculator Kraftwerk

KKK Meeting Tonite

Alas the illegal aliens have breathed all the oxygen and Lieut Ox Malford is suffocating. But can he make it to his KKK meeting tonite? (Runtime: 7:16)
KKK Meeting Tonite

Big Brother Sends a Message - Thou Shall work for me

Arise Congregation!
All Hail to Big Brother
Big Brother is here
Big Brother sends a message

Ox Malford Gets Hunted

The good thing about America is that if I think somebody is a terrorist, then I can do whatever I want.. I can go out and kill them!! - Ox Malford
Homeland Security

Classic Vintage SKits

Back in the day, when I had an old camera, no proper video editing software, no good lighting but lots of ideas I composed these quick skits. They're fun to watch, cuz the characters are still as nutty as ever!

These classic skits were filmed when I hardly had any quality editing equipment many years ago. However I still had some fun ideas for skits. So take a look thru them, if you can look past the lack of technical effects. But, if you have hardly seen my other sketch films before, I recommend downloading my newer ones listed on the right hand side of the menu first.

me hungry Alligator Attack
Holy Canoli! not a bomb Boom Boom Bomb
me hungry Mr. WeirdMan's 1st Date
Egads!!! Ms.Poopee Doodee's First Break
Nacho Camacho Nacho Cat Burglar, The
Christmas Special Oh no, not the Cookie Tin!

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