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Ms. Divine's Tee Hee Heure is presented with the hope that you the viewer can experience the bizarre and unusual by getting a glimpse into the cartoon-like world that she has created. Herein lies a collection of surrealistic sketch comedy films available for your viewing pleasure.

This one-lady sketch comedy show is directed, edited, produced and acted by Ms Divine. Each episode, and sketch film features spine tingling adventures, surrealistic performances and comical improvisation starring the zany and often loony characters such as Mr. WeirdMan, Scottish Girl, Ms Shito Bito, Russian Mafia Super, Anastasia, Senor Nacho and Lt. Ox Malford.

Your appreciation and support will contribute to the Divine revolution of spreading Tee Hee Heure like wild fire throughout the TV/radio waves in the whole wide world and the world wide web. Even sparsely populated areas from GreenLand to the South Pole will receive this divine comedy!
Ms. Divine

A collection of comedy films, skits, and nuttiness!
Ms. Divine's Tee Hee Heure
Queens Public TV (QPTV) 2015
Tuesdays-- 6:00PM -- Chn 56
Verizon Fios 36, RCN 84, TWC 1996
Wednesdays-- 10:30AM -- Chn 34
Verizon Fios 35, RCN 82, TWC 1995

Manhattan Network TV (MNN)
Mondays -- 10:30PM -- Chn 67
Verizon 36, RCN 85, TWC 67

Also airing WEEKLY in Brooklyn and New Hampshire Click here for showtimes and episode details
Recent Work
- Anastasia's Exile - Last Man Standing
- Oui Harmony - Sketch Film
- Scottish Tea Party - Wacky Musical
- Oogling with Goggles - The Peep Show

Call ME!!
- 347-470-1TEE (Comments will be played on show)
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