Oh NO! Not The Cookie Tin!

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Oh No Not The Cookie Tin!

It's Christmas time and Ms. Shito Bito upset that the lights she bought from Mr. Weird Man does not work on her Christmas tree. Unfortuantely in the middle of all these dilehmas, Ms. Shito Bito once again falls victim, this time to a rejected kkk member. Watch as Mr. Weird Man expertly confronts this kkk member while Ms. Poopee Doodee brings you live news coverage on this nail-biting adventure. Download this spine-tingling, hilarious, one lady show to find out what happens in this episode of Ms. Divine's Le Tee Hee Heure.

Running Time:00:15:35
Filmed: New York
Credits: Ms. Divine
Music: Marilyn Manson, Toons Tunes

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