Request A DVD Sketch FILM Package

If you are interested in my sketch films, I would be glad to send you a DVD package. I charge $5 per DVD, but there is a minimum order of $10 as I have gotten too many requests, and my little pocket is taking a direct hit.
Each DVD will have about 2 hours of films.

If you request any of the DVD packages, you will be redirected to the Pay Pal site after clicking on Buy Now on the next page.

Weekly Series on DVD as well

I am currently putting the weekly series on DVD's. Each DVD will have 4 episodes of the weekly show. This will include other material such as the improv bits.
Just fill out the form and check the box that says Weekly episodes. Click here for a detailed description of the weekly series on DVD.

I ship Overseas!

I will ship 3 DVDs for total of $15 US to Asia, Australia and Europe in PAL versions.  

I Accept Donations

My first Donor suggested that I accept donations! So if you would like to support me and my show, you can either

DVD Request Form

Don't worry even if you make a mistake, it's ok, for I verify everything with you first before I mail anything out!

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DVD Package details are listed below. US/CA customers must select minimum order of $10. Europe/Asia customers must select a minimum order of $15.

DVD Weekly Epsiodes

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Click here to view Episode Details (opens in new window)Each DVD has 4 weekly 1/2 hour episodes. Over 2hrs of shows.


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Package Deals

All DVD's come with DVD cases, covers, inserts and proper navigational menus.

DVD #1

Title: A Most Particularly Peculiar Bank Heist
Title: The Apartment Inspector
Total time: 1.5 hrs
Also comes with bloopers

DVD #2

Title: Dancing Girl
Title: Pocket Calculator with Russian Mafia Super
Title: Pocket Calculator with Mr. Weird Man
Title: Dating Therapy
Title: Ox Malford Gets Hunted
Musicals: The Adventures of Scottish Girl
Total time 2 hrs.
Also comes with bloopers

Dvd #3

Title = A Chlorophyll Filled Romance
Title = To Or Not To profile
TItle = The Diary of Anastasia
Total running time: 1.5 hrs (approx)

Dvd #4

Title = The Great Big Fight
Assorted Sketches
Total running time: 1.5 hrs

A collection of comedy films, skits, and nuttiness!