Surreal Musicals and Quaint ditties to groove and dance to!

Oogling with Goggles

Mr. Weird Man pays a visit to Dr. Doctor hoping to mend his lonely blue heart. Watch this quirky musical performance to see the key to true happiness. Set to the music of The Centurians's Bullwinkle.
Oogling with Goggles

Hallelujah I'm a Bum

The Bum Song
The Happy Hobo Song

The Happy Hobo Song

Hallelujah I'm a Bum - Lyrics by Al Jolson. It's spring time, rejoice and sing the Happy Hobo Song!!!
The Happy Hobo Song

Barnacle Bill The Sailor

Mr Weird Man is back in this rendition of Barnacle Bill The Sailor. Also featuring Scottish Girl and Ms Poopee Doodee.
Barnacle Bill The Sailor - Surreal Musical

Senor Nacho esta Vivo

Scottish Girl brings Senor Nacho back to life in this surreal musical.
Senor Nacho esta vivo - Surreal Musical

Goodbye Theme Song

Ms Divine's Tee Hee Heure goodbye theme song. Lyrics by Ms Divine, set to the music of composer Neal Hefti of the old Batman Soundtrack.
Goodbye Theme Song

Attack of the Cake Mixer

A wacky music video set to Devo's Too Much Paranoias. A seductress is out to get Mr Weird Man!
Devo Too Much Paranoias Music Video

Dr Doctor Grooves

Dr. Doctor grooves to the music of Frank Zappa's Ms Pinky.
Frank Zappa's Ms Pinky

Kaka & #1 do not mix!

Mr Weird Man is on a cocaine binge. Music by Dr Hook - Get my rocks off.
Dr Hook - Get My Rocks Off

You've Got Another Thing Coming

A twist to Judas Priest's You've got another thing coming.
Judas Priest You got another thing coming

Fear Not Song

Little lullaby for the little ones who fear from time to time.
Fear not lullaby

The Happy Song

I'm happy being me!
Happy Song

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