Pet Food Recall.

April 19th, 2007

Yet, again another case of tainted ingredients found in Pet Foods. This time it has been reported that a chemical, Melamine is suspected to have poisoned wheat gluten, which is a protein concentrate used to make a variety of Pet Food products (incl. Natural Balance, Iams, Eukanuba) for both dogs and cats.

The FDA said that the ingredient is imported from China, and they suspect that there was some contamination in the factory.

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill is quoted as saying.
"It troubles me greatly the Chinese are making it more difficult to understand what led to this pet food crisis,"
Pointing their fingers at China is a quick way to ease off all blame. First of all, why is it even necessary to even import that ingredient from China? Cheap labor and lots of profit are the reasons. The corrupted Pet Food Industry is making excuses again!

This just shows that there is NO and there NEVER was any proper quality control on pet food. Author, Ann Martin did an investigative study of the dangers of commercial pet food in her book "Food Pets Die For". Though the title may sound sensationalized, she has a lot of information from various journalistic investigations that she conducted. Here is an interesting link that contains several articles one of which is written by Ann Martin herself and also several other vets who discuss the dangers of feeding your pets commercial pet foods. They are advocates of fresh food diets.

In America itself, meat rejected for human consumption is used for pet foods. This includes diseased animals that have had cancerous tumors and sick animals used in experiments etc. No wonder the incidence of cancer is increasing at a high rate in cats and dogs as well as a whole range of chronic illnesses such as skin irritations and weak teeth...

Before everybody quickly dismisses this case by blaming it on China, think about how the Pet food industry is trying to weasel themselves out of this.

Many of the pet foods affected were also brand name foods recommended by Veterinarians. For a complete list of brand name foods affected, you can visit the Menu Foods website. Click here to view the 40 brand named cat foods poisoned and click here to view the 50 dog brand named foods poisoned

These Pet Food Manufacturers claim that they inspect their food thoroughly. Menu Foods, which manufactured most of the recalled pet foods, has said that the wheat gluten it used was human food grade. If that were the case, why didn't they inspect the ingredients that they imported.
And if they did try to get their imported ingredients inspected, that would mean sending the food inspectors to China, and its quite possible that the Chinese gov't may have rejected their request.
Then the Pet Food Manufacturers would have taken their business elsewhere, and this food contamination could have been PREVENTED. However,there was NEVER any food inspection to begin with and certainly NO inspection to make sure "human grade" products instead of "animal grade" products were being used..

The Pet Food Manufacturers, DO NOT Care about where the ingredients were imported from to begin with!!!!! So that's why this chaos has ensued. Trying to inspect the food now, is too late. The damage has been done!! What about inspecting the factories and ingredients of the remaining pet foods that exist today?

Secondly, the chemical ingredient, Melamine, is suspected to have poisoned wheat protein concentrate. Why do we need to feed out animal companions a primary diet of Wheat Gluten! It's a cheap substitute for real protein We don't live in a third world country, we live in America, where there is a large abundance of food and yet we resort to feeding our animals with food that is made with wheat gluten!!!! Concocting a diet filled with artificially enhanced nutrients is not a healthy diet.

The Pet Food Industry spend more money on cute commericals with dancing cats and dogs, enticing us all to buy their foods. It's quite disgusting to think of all the money wasted on advertisements when it can very well be used to improve the quality of all these pet foods. Humans see these cute ads, not your animal companions...

Please do visit my other links on this site. Think about boycotting the Pet Food Industry and feeding your pets a fresh food diet.

Pet Food Recall.

March 21st, 2007

In news today, large quantities of various brands of pet food have been found to contain poisons that have lead to the death of both cats and dogs all across the United States. Symptoms have included vomiting, kidney failure, jaundice and eventually death. Classic case of food poisoning. Hundreds of brands such as Iams, Eukanuba, Nuturo and many more have been recalled from the shelves. No cause has yet been determined yet.

For a complete list of recalled brands see this MSNBC news link.

This is yet another case that reveals the corruption in the pet food industry where pet food is not regulated the way we think. Many vets have claimed that if your pets do not eat the above mentioned products then things are ok. This is the perfect time for vets to speak out against the poor nutritional value and lack of quality control present in pet foods and to advise patients to feed their animals a fresh food diet. However, many pet food industries sponsor vet related events including medical scholarships in vet schools.

The link between the pet food industry and vets is something that should never have been there in the first place, as it is the duty of the vet to enlighten people on the benefits of feeding their pets fresh foods and not processed foods that do not have any proper quality control or sufficient nutritional value to begin with.

Please do take a moment to read my web page about experiences and information about the dangers of commercial pet food. And make sure you visit the Book section where I have listed many books written my vets that actually discuss the dangers of pet food.

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