Premium Pet Food - The new trend

Premium foods are also becoming rather popular. These foods are slightly better than commercial pet foods, since many don't contain animal by products. However, I still don't know what they put in them. Some say human grade meat. But what does that even mean? Perhaps there are brands out there that have premium products, in their food. But currently there are no solid pet regulations that can guarantee that. So I don't trust them.
Also some premium foods that claim to be "turkey", list turkey at the 5th ingredient and ocean whitefish is listed as the 1st. I find this information to be misleading. I mean if it is turkey, then shouldn't turkey be the #1 ingredient.

Well I switched my cat to a primary diet of premium foods from commercial foods. My cat didn't enjoy it that much. But she did vomit less. However, she was rather finicky and still didn't seem to find it that tasty. I tried almost all the brands from a holistic pet store.

I think the bottom line is that, we all would love to have fresh foods for our meals instead of eating out of a can for the rest of our lives.

In the book "Cancer Coming Down", Shaw interviews the maker of Nuturo premium cat food. She says that raw diets are a fad that lacks essential nutrients.
"Far better to leave diet preparation to those who know it best: the makers of pet food who use only high quality ingredients". First of all there is no standard pet regulation that determines which ingredient is of higher quality than the other. Once it has the standard recommended amount of protein, AAFCO approves.
Secondly, how could all the extra nutrients/supplements added to the pet food withstand all the high temperature that occurs during the making of these foods.

It 's obvious that some owners of these pet food giant chains are fearful that people may realize that a fresh diet is the best diet. They will be out of business, so they try to scare the animal owner into buying their "superior brand of cat food" . Phooey to thatů

I suppose we veterinarians who a a lot of work with skin and ahir problems ought to thank the commercial pet food industry for all the business they create for us"
J. Keith Benedict, DVM
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