Fresh Raw Diet for Dogs and Cats

Most of the holistic books (written by experienced vets) that I have read recommend a raw diet. Dr. Henry Pasternak DVM (Healing pets with Nature's Miracle Cures) is very particular about raw diets. He feels that it contains vital enzymes and natural elements that are often lost in the heat process of cooking and can never be recreated by humans to be the same.

In America, I know that many people may be grossed out at first, at the thought of feeding their animal raw meat. Thoughts such as diseases, and that it just sounds "weird" often cross people's minds. Even I felt like that at first. But I think we need to remember that our pet friends are not cute ornaments for display that can be fed what is deemed appropriate from brightly colored bags or shiny cans. Felines in the wild have always been exposed to raw food.

Cats in Europe and Italy for example were noted to be healthier and the occurrences of chronic diseases were not as high as in America. The reason was attributed solely to their diets.
DR. Pitcairn (DVM), Dr. Henry Pasternak (DVM, CVA), Dr. Donald Hamilton (DVM) all recommend raw diets and thru their years of experience in the medical vet field have not seen problems arising from animals fed this kind of diet

Most of these vets feel that cats have more acidic stomachs than humans and can handle salmonella, Ecoli. Also, many of these vets say that they hardly ever come across cases where animals have been sick from raw meat. Most have been in cases, where animals have been sick from the commercial pet food diet.

The only thing that bothers me with raw food is that I get my meat from the supermarket. I do not know the amount of antibiotics, chemicals that have gone into the meat. Not to mention the fact the various bacteria that could have accumulated in the slaughterhouse before it arrived at the super market.

I am still somewhat open to raw food, in the sense that it is definitely better than commercial processed food. I have no problem feeding my cat fresh raw organic meat from a reliable meat source . But I don't know of any reliable meat source, so I am unsure what to do.
Maybe in time as I gain more knowledge about my meat sources I will eventually feed my cat some raw food.

On the issue of raw food for pets, I've recently gone from wary endorsement to real enthusiasm. I've been inspired by its benefits. And seeing the effects that an increase in raw food has on animals has led me to increase the amount of it for my pets as well as in my own diet. One day, I fully expect all the members of my household to be living exclusively on raw food.
Martin Goldstein, DVM (The Nature of Animal Healing)
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