Natural Holistic Care for Cats and Dogs

I decided to do this web page, hoping to share the information that I learnt with people about commercial pet food, vaccinations, and vets that promote it. There just isn't enough information about these topics.

It all started when I accompanied some of my friends on a number of occasions to the vet due to their cats being ill. However after encountering many eager vets willing to make big bucks, at the risk of hurting the cat, I began to be very suspicious of some vets. I often wondered why cats got so ill despite the fact that they are indoors, receive annual vaccinations and are fed what I thought was the optimum American cat diet(canned food/dry food inspected by AAFCO). It just didn't make sense.

I made frequent trips to the library and researched the subject of homeopathy and alternative medicine. I read quite an assortment of books and learnt about the toxicities in commercial pet food, the side effects and uselessness of vaccines. This made me more confused as to why many vets do endorse this. After more research I began to see the links between the pet food industry, vetenarians, chronic illness and vaccines. Greed for money was the driving force behind these professionals. Fortunately during the course of my readings, I did read many books written by DVM vets who actually cared about the well being of our animal pals.

I decided to this web page, hoping to reach as many people as I can who may have had similar experiences.. I hope to inform people about the decisions that they make about their pet's diet and vaccines. The information that I gathered was overwhelming and I would like to make it available to the general public.

Though this page is primarily about cats, the information can be applied to dogs as well. Of course if your animal pal is sick/critical condition, please see that he gets to a vet immediately.

We all need to be aware that animals too have feelings and hopefully we has humans can grow to understand and promote more love and kindness from human to animal.

And then I think of all the other dogs and cats not fortunate enough to enjoy such good health, whose immune systems struggle daily against the barrage of vaccines and drugs administered so often to them, and I think; so much more to do. So much getting out the word that another way is here. So many more animals to reach. The challenge seems overwhelming sometimes, but we have to keep at it. Dog by dog, cat by cat.
One animal at a time.......
Dr. Martin Goldstein, DVM (The Nature of Animal Healing)
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