An Experience with a Greedy Veterinarian

It's very hard to find a decent caring honest vet these days. Vets have become similar to slimy used car salesman, by being deceitful and manipulative in a sick attempt to take money from the animal's unsuspecting guardian. I know this may sound a bit harsh, perhaps it's because I haven't met the right vet yet. I am still searching but feel rather discouraged and sad..

Following is an experience that opened my eyes to the ways that vets cheat and lie.

Hocus Pocus Tests

My friend took her cat pal who was an elderly, handsome gentlemen (but still a cutie pie) at the time (age 15) to the vet. He had a blockage in his mouth that prevented him from eating.
This vet recommended a whole bunch of tests that ranged from bordtella, to heart worm, to thyroid to diabetes, for this cat. Although the cat did not show any symptoms for a number of diseases that it was tested for, the vets insisted that the tests be done.
All these test results turned out to be negative a few days later.

Rabies shot should never be given to a sick animal

The vet also gave her cat pal a rabies shot saying that under law he can't see the animal unless it has its vaccines. Now it just doesn't seem practical to vaccinate a sick animal. If the vet suspected her cat to have rabies, he could have done a blood test. Vaccines do not cure the disease rabies! So even if her cat pal had rabies, vaccinating it wouldn't stop it from being transmitted.
But the vet did it anyway. I guess "treating the animal with compassion technique" was just thrown out the window.

Fear Technique

My friend was tired of this useless goose chase. The stress was too much since nothing was being accomplished so she took her cat pal home.
The vet then called her or should I say reprimanded her that her cat will starve to death, and suffer terribly if she didn't bring him back for the operations and tests. As if he is god, and by some miraculous way bring the cat back to optimum health. He used the FEAR technique on her to bring her cat back to the vets.

The FEAR technique is one of the most common techniques used by vets. It's a fairly simple psychological technique that is easy to use. When a Professional Vet D.V.M tells you that your cat will die, unless you bring it back, you tend to get scared and believe the vet. After all aren't these high prestigious qualifications supposed to mean something??

More Lies

She took the cat back to the central hospital where many vets consulted with her.
The vets then began to tell my friend that her cat pal may have cancer, or it could be as simple as a salivary cyst. We hoped that the vet would use his professional expertise in making an educated assumption as to what the cat had. If it was a high probability of cancer, she was not interested in pursuing the matter.
Knowing this, he did not address the fact that the cat was anemic (sign of cancer). Instead he brushed it all off and said that it was an ingrown toe nail. He then suggested that an operation or biopsy should be done to see whether it was really cancer. He falsely re-assured us that it was a simple operation and it will be ok. At one point, he blankly stared out the window while we were about to ask more questions. Perhaps he founds his lies exhausting, and preferred to think about what he was going to have for supper.

More Tests, more money...

He mentioned that a heart test would be best at determining whether or not her cat would be stable to go thru the biopsy operation. After dishing out more money, we were re-assured that the EKG showed that the cat had a strong heart and the biopsy would be taken at a later date.

Unfortunately, after a bunch of hocus pocus tests, and more lies, the vets decided to go ahead and not only do a biopsies, they also removed the cat's tooth without consulting the owner.
To make a long story short, her cat passed away. I hope that due to all the drugs that were given to him, he didn't feel a thing and floated into heaven way before all this nonsense happened.


The vets then had the nerve to say that the cat had a weak heart and that's what the tests showed, and that it wasn't stable enough to undergo surgery. This was in direct contradiction to what they told us earlier. Then they said they were sure it was cancer!!
Now this is all before the biopsy had officially taken place. This is what led me to believe that this team of vets already knew that the cat had cancer!!!
They had taken advantage of my friend's mental state anguish, and sadness, lied to her, and chosen to manipulate her into doing all these so-called tests. The sick thing is that they even had me convinced. I never really suspected that doctor's especially a team of doctors with degrees and DVM's can be such cold liars!

Scientific methods

Now any person with a scientific mind should know that when diagnosing or at least making a scientific assumption about anything, you would think about what would be the most probable cause and thus asses some tests or questions to test if your hypothesis was true.
This professional DVM doctor should have tested for what he suspected could be the most likely problem. But did he do this. No Of course not. Instead they said "uhhh, we don't know". "not sure" "gotta do more tests to know" "call back later". Apparently vets are taught to run ridiculous tests on cats even though it had nothing to do with the cat's illness.

Still Looking

Finding a vet is a very hard thing to do. I think it's best to ask lots of questions. Find out his opinions on commercial food, vaccines, and chronic illness. Question his experiences. If he is rather evasive, quick to answer your questions as if they are not legit, then he is not the right vet. It's always good to get a second opinion. Though in the above case, a second opinion wouldn't have helped.
This was a major hospital that this cat pal stayed in, full of teams of vets, who all were just as evasive, sneaky and oddly pervertedů.

Finding the right vet is just as hard as finding the right guy.

And then I think of all the other dogs and cats not fortunate enough to enjoy such good health, whose immune systems struggle daily against the barrage of vaccines and drugs administered so often to them, and I think; so much more to do. So much getting out the word that another way is here. So many more animals to reach. The challenge seems overwhelming sometimes, but we have to keep at it. Dog by dog, cat by cat.
One animal at a time.......
Dr. Martin Goldstein, DVM (The Nature of Animal Healing)
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