Re-Occuring Chronic Diseases in Today's Pets

Donald Hamilton (DVM) explains the difference between chronic and acute illness quite clearly.
As an example of Acute Disease, he give the case of influenza, where humans tend to suffer from similar ailments such as fever, joint pain, headaches etc. Once the human recovers, the disease is completely gone. There is usually no lingering ailments or residual symptoms.

On the other hand, an individual with chronic illness, never completely recovers from the illness but deteriorates over time Examples of chronic illnesses in animals are Cancer, Urinary Tract Infection, Skin/Coat allergies and inflammations.

Most vets advise
- Feed your cat for the rest of its life, a standard commercial food or buy the one we sell in our office
- Come in every year for multiple vaccines, booster shots that will help your cat or dog's health.

It is this poor advise of years of a poor quality commercial diet and annual vaccinations that have resulted in a general deterioration of health in the animal population.

The chronic illnesses that I have tried to cover are Cancer and Urinary Tract Infections, as these are the most common.

Physical symptoms of illness begin on the surface of the body, and as illness worsens, the symptoms move deeper into the body. Stopping symptoms from manifesting where the body first puts them forces the body to move teh disease inward in response. For example, treating skin disease with prednisone may result in live or kidney disease.
Dr. Don Hamilton, DVM (Homeopathic Care for cats and dogs)
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