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I often wondered what was in Pet foods. Why is American society so adamant in telling us to feed cats with "cat food" from a can? When you look at the can, it seems that the food is ok since it seems to pass all the rules and regulations of (AAFFCO (whatever that is). So surely, something that has been regulated should be delicious for your pet!!
I think through propaganda commercials and bad advice many people have been conditioned that feeding cat food from the can is the right thing to do.

Purina for example advertises "indoor food" and "outdoor Food" for cats , claiming that it fulfills their special needs. Why should the food be different? Shouldn't the dietary requirement of an indoor cat be the same as an outdoor cat? Does this mean that people who stay home more eat a different diet than those that go out more.
Why are we being subjected to lies and just nonsense about the so-called well being of our animal friends ?

Vets also use the FEAR Technique to convince pet owners to buy their bran of processed food such as Hills, Purina etc. They would boast that it is the "higher quality" brand, then install fear that if we dare feed our animal pals table scraps or fresh food our pals will surely die for they will not be getting a "complete and balanced" nutrition diet.

I started doubting the quality of ingredients in pet food, when I was witness to my friends' animal companions coming down with all sorts of chronic diseases. My doubts increased as I encountered more and more vets that were untrustworthy. This made it easier for me to question their advice on the subject of food.

So over the decades, the word "complete and balanced" has been installed in the brains and shoved down the throats of many Pet owners. Many love their animal friends so much that they don't want to do anything that they think would upset the "balanced nutrition" of their animals. They don't want their vets to wag that disparaging finger at them "You betta feed it our brand !".

Suddenly it just all seemed to be a relentless cycle The Pet food industry make so much money; Vets make money from the chronic diseases caused in part from the pet food. Thus everybody is happy with the flow of money except the guardian and her animal companions in the long run. The sad thing is nobody thinks to question these mega giant pet food corporations. Then again people don't question even the regular things they see on TV. They accept it..

But thanks to a few vets and investigative journalists, we actually do have a wealth of information with regard to understanding what goes on in the pet food industry.
So be sure to read all my sections of the food portion on this web site.

My nutrition training in veterinary school was minimal, to say the least, as it was for most of my contemporary colleagues. We were basically told to "feed a good brand of pet food and don't give anything else as it will upset the perfectly balanced formula." Table foods, we heard, were an absolute invitation to disaster. Dry food was considered the best choice for cats and dogs. Then we were given literature-something like today's "infomercials"- on a couple of brands of foods. Not surprisingly, these two companies command the major share of the market place, largely due to recommendations by veterinarians. I now believe much of this information to be incorrect. Furthermore, I see this misinformation as contributing to the deterioration in the health of our companion animals that we have witnessed in recent decades.
Don Hamilton, DVM (Homeopathic care for cats and dogs)
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