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The Young Ones - BBC TV show w/ Alexei Sayle
Ms. Divine salutes the Young Ones.
Rick taunted by the other young ones Crazy Chaos in the house of the young ones Rick and Mike going bonkers in the laundromat Vyvyan is beheaded but yet he still lives
Plot of The Young Ones:
The Young Ones is a British TV sitcom from the 80's about 4 college students living in a house, who never go to their lectures This comedy stands out and shines among most other so called comedy shows that I have seen, because these characters are free to do what they feel is funny from their heart. They are not following any rules as to what is or is not funny. Chaos, silliness and much retarded behaviour is unleashed in this show making all the characters very appealing and lovable. In fact I don't even get some of their jokes until the next day when I think about it. It's a rather original show, in that they are not relying on cheap gimmicks, such as flashing logos or any sort of MTV crappy special effects to entice viewers to watch. The setting is in a run down looking house, the camera is often set at basic angles sufficient enough to capture the actor's view and moves.

Characters from The Young Ones
Rick - Rik Mayall Vyvyan- Adrian Edmondson Mike- Christopher Ryan Neil - Nigel Planer
Rick on Politics Vyvyan drinks poison, for nobody dies in the young ones Mike the shorty at the game show Neil the hippie is a copper. The piggies are here
"... Are these lentils South African? I'm not going to pay good money to eat black men!" I'm very sober and very very very bored! Shorty "Open up guys! Its the pigs!"

Alexei Sayle
Whenever people bother me
When they shout and raise their voices
I don't let it get me down
I just make some stupid noises!


When the boss is giving you the sack
'Cause you've lost all his invoices
Don't drink a bottle of sulphuric acid
Relax, make stupid noises!
Just go...
Alexei Sayle having lots of fun
I'm not really foreign, you know. I just do it to appear more sophisticated!
Alexei Sayle has had many guest appearances in almost all of the episodes of the young ones. He's fun to watch. I like his cute little songs and his dance numbers that go with it. He's just a big ole baldy comical dude that brings much more looniness to the young ones. I have made a comprehensive web page (Alexei Sayle Website) for this guy. Please take a look at it.

The only thing that I wonder is that if the BBC tried to tone The Young Ones down a bit in their second season. There were some episodes in the DISC2 of the young ones that I felt could have been more spontaneous and wilder. There was a moment where the hippie really had to go to the bathroom. I was exepecting him to piss on top of one of the contestant's head. I was also expecting more bizarre things to happen in the game show. Perhaps the Alexei Sayle could have played the game show host and unleashed some more madness. I'm sure its not easy making a 35 minute show so it is excusable that a few things may have been questionable. But don't get me wrong, the DISC 2 of the youngs is also very amusing. It was just these few things here and there that I wondered about.

Ghosts don't scare the Young Ones Vyvyan with his long tongue Alexei Sayle drunk with the hippie, Mike Vyvyan is pregnant with a big tummy

Refreshing Comedy
Overall the Young Ones are a very inspiring show to watch in that these guys are actually silly and hilarious but smart enough to know how to display their good comedic skills. The young ones should not just be classified as an 80's show. It's a show that can be appreciated no matter what year it is! I was rather disappointed that they only had 12 episodes. I wish Television networks were more open minded enough to have encouraged them to make more of their shows. Though I wonder why the guys from the young ones never did an independent movie about the young ones. Even if it went straight to video, I'm sure people would have wanted to see because it did develop an underground following.

Punk Vyvyan smashes stuff Le Tee hee Hee Heure:
Watching the young ones has been rather inspirational to know that these actors have done what they feel is comical in their hearts even though others might not get it. Check out my website www.msdivine.net where I have done many short sketch one-lady comedy films. You can view the selection of my comedy films at the side bar as well.

The Young Ones DVD Collection - Every Stoopid Episode.
The Young Ones have their 3 set DVD collection that contains all the episodes of the Young Ones. I am not too fond of the title "Every stoopid episode", almost as if it was just "stupid" comedy. IT wasn't. It was intelligent comedy at its best. Anyway, because I was so crazy about the young ones, I ended up ordering 2 copies of the DVD (NTSC) by accident. I am willing to sell the 2nd copy I have, for about $30 bucks. It's a great keep. If anybody is interested, please email me for more details