The Adventures of Scottish Girl - Scottish Girl Speaks!!

Scottish Girl reads letters sent by her Grandfather Scotty in Scotland.

The Adventures of Scottish Girl - the Comic Genius Speaks

The Great Scottish Ghost

Great Scottish Ghost
Play Video Great Scottish Ghost
Running Time: 8:04
Scottish Girl tells a tale of the infamous Scottish Ghost.

Sean Connery and the Scotland Tattoo

Sean Connery and the Scotland Tattoo
Play Video Sean Connery and the Scotland Tattoo
Running Time: 11:03
Scottish Girl tells a tale of the time when she was just a wee lassie in Scotland. Her Grandfather Scotty had a little tattoo shop and none other than Sean Connery decided to walk in.

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill
Play Video Jack and Jill
Running Time: 3:08
Scottish Girl recounts the time when Jack and Jill went up the hill.

Pure Blooded Scots Girl

Pure Blooded Scots Girl
Play Video Pure Blooded Scots Girl
Running Time: 5:15
Scottish Girl is a pure blooded Scots Girl and there nuthing ya cannie do bout it!

Haggis Hunting Season

Haggis Hunting Season
Play Video Haggis Hunting Season
Running Time: 11:25
Scottish Girl recalls the good ole times when she used to hang with her lovely birdie friends, the haggis. Alas, the hooligans have come to hunt The Haggis. We're the Haggis aye hooray, We'll live until next Hogmanay!

Scottish Cricket

Play Video Cricket
Running Time: 9:55
Scottish Girl tells of the good ole days with Grandfather Scotty, when they both played on the Scottish Cricket Team, including the havoc raised among the various hooligans present. GOAL!!!!!!!!

The Candy Highlands

Play Video Highlands
Running Time: 6:55
Scottish Girl and her Grandfather head down from the Highlands to her favorite candy store located all the way in the lowlands. Oooohh, they encounter all sorts of rif raff. But not to fear, Scottish Girl is a brave Scots Girl and isn't afraid of anything

Rejoicing With Scottish Whisky

Rejoicing whiskey
Play Video Rejoicing whiskey
Running Time: 7:48
Scottish Girl talks about the time when she and her Grand father Scotty used to walk down the streets of Glasgow selling Good Old home made whiskey. Alas more hooligan confrontations, but little Scots girl is not afraid.

Pirate Hooligans and the Scottish Boat

Pirate Hooligans
Play Video Pirate Hooligans
Running Time: 6:06
Grandfather Scotty takes little Scots Girl rowing on his great Scottish Boat. Alas, ship ahoy! Pirate Hooligans are over yonder on a Big Ship!

Going Fishing the Scottish Way

Play Video Fishing
Running Time: 5:18
Grandfather Scotty takes little Scots Girl and shows her how to fish the Scottish way with his giant Scottish hands.

Scottish Girl in "Scottish Weather"

scottish weather
Play Video scottish weather
Running Time: 9:17
Grandfather Scotty's picnic is spoilt all because of the BBC's slanted weather maps.

Scottish Girl in "Chopping Scottish Trees"

chopping trees
Play Video chopping trees
Running Time: 6:08
Grandfather scottie is angry with a woodpecker and is on a quest to chop all Scottish Trees.

Scottish Girl in "Scottish Football"

Play Video football
Running Time: 6:13
A Hooligan throws a coconut at Grandfather Scotty who happens to be in a very forgiving mood until he sees the hooligan is wearing an English Football jersey.

Scottish Girl in "Scotland's Petroleum Plant"

Petroleum Plant
Play Video Petroleum Plant
Running Time: 5:22
Scottish Girl reads Grandfather's Scotty's latest letter, where he is quite puzzled for he suspects he is mutating into an irish leprachaun due to the toxic fumes emitted from Scotland's Petroleum Plant.

Scottish Girl in "Diddlage"

Play Video Diddlage
Running Time: 1:24
Scottish Girl Dances to Diddlage

Scottish Girl in "The Little Red Guitar"

Little Red Guitar
Play Video Little Red Guitar
Running Time: 6:27
Grandfather Scotty gave Scottish Girl a brand new little red guitar for her birthday.

Scottish Girl in "Peter Piper.."

Peter Piper
Play Video Peter Piper
Running Time: 2:04
Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Pepper. A Peck of Pickled Pepper Peter Piper Picked.

Scottish Girl Goes Irish

Play Video Irish
Running Time: 6:15
A drunk irish leprechaun stole sheep from Granfather Scottie. Now Scottish Girl has to travel to Galway Ireland, to track this irish leprechaun. But first she's got to learn to do the Irish dance so that she can pass off as an Irish Gal.
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