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Ms. Divine's Video Interview with Mark Mothersbaugh during the Beautiful Mutants Art Tour in NYC

Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo had an art exhibit at the Fuse Gallery in NYC, July 2004 . Mark had many paintings on sale, ranging from $400 and up. He surprisingly showed up. I had the opportunity to interview him and Jerry Casale for my cable sketch comedy show, Ms. Divine's Le Tee Hee Hee Heure. They were rather pleasant nor they did they smash my camera, despite my many fun questions, so that was nice...
You can download a music video that I did with their song "Too much Paranoias", called Attack of the Cake Mixer.
Ms. Divine's Video Interview with Mark Mothersbaugh and Jerry Casale of Devo
Play the interview w/ Devo
Ms Divine's music video of Devo's Too Much Paranoias
Play the music video Too Much Paranoia's by Devo

Transcript between Mark Mothersbaugh & myself

Me: This is my Television program. Would you be interested in saying hello.
Mark: Hello, how are you out there. Now what's your show. Where is it broadcast at?
Me: My show is called Ms. Divine's Le Tee Hee Hee Heure and it's broadcasted on Channel 56. Do you get it? Where do you live?... Oh you are not allowed to tell me.
Mark: Do you get it in NY?
Me: uhmmm... Yes.
Mark: I'm gonna watch it tonite in my hotel room.
Me: Oh ok, that's great. But I think you have to pay extra for cable.
Mark: If I have to bootleg 'em. I will climb up a television pole.
Me: (pointing to the little bag) I gave you a bootleg of my tape
Mark: Oh fabulous.
Me: I don't think you need to pay for cable. You know, you can just kind of look happy.
Mark: Ok, You are watching the Ms. Divine show.
me (speaking to Girlio camera): can you come a bit closer..... Oops
Other voices: I was at the show last night, it was absolutely incredible.
Mark: yes
Load of rain: remarked another fan.
Me: uhhmmm, can you say it one more time.
Mark: you are watching the Ms. Divine show.
Me: ahhh. thank you...

More transcript of my conversation with Mark.

This is after I walked around the gallery and returned to question him.

Me: Oh sorry.
Somebody: that's ok
Me: can you sign this... (hands poster to Mark)
Devo: No I am not going to sign this. Oh.. that's your show.
Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo about to sign for Ms Divine Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo sinks his teeth into www.msdivine.net

Me: What did you think I was trying to do?
Here Mark gets a sudden burst of energy and proceeds to Bite the poster. I just make silly faces to make the pictures look interesting.

Heading over to Mark later with some questions about his young wife

Me: I have a question. If you are offended you can just say you are.
Devo: Go ahead.
Ms. Divine's interview with Mark Mothersbaugh for the Ms. Divine's Tee Hee Heure Ms. Divine asks naughty questions to Devo

Me: Do you ever wonder if your wife might run away with a younger man in the future? Or are you confident that you are a handsome devo man and no woman will ever leave you?.... Oh you don't have to answer.
Devo: aah. eehh. aaah...... I think that. Ummm the nature of human relationships is always liquid and volatile and at best its dangerous.
Me: Do you consider yourself a handsome man?
Devo: you know, I don't. uhhh. I uhhh. I uhhhh.uhhh. I think I For a potato I am ok.
Me: Do you think your personality is better than your looks or your looks is better than your personality.
Devo: I uhhh. I think my artwork is better than both of those.
Mark Mothersbaugh gives very nice answers to Ms. Divine's nutty questions

Me: (feeling guilty after asking all those questions, especially since his veins on his head tightened): Wow. that's pretty impressive..... Well thank you very much.....
Devo: oh ok....

Following is the transcript between Jerry Casale and myself.

Me: We are going to see what the other devo members have to say.

me tapping the other Devo one.
Me: Hi, I am from Ms. Divine's Le Tee Hee Hee Hour and I was wondering if you would like to say hello to the camera.
Jerry: Whom am I saying hello to?
Me: To Ms. Divine's hour.
Jerry: Ms. Divine Hour
Me: Say it a little louder
Jerry: Hello Ms. Divine's hour, this is Jerry of Devo.
Me: Oh yes. Now may I ask you another question
Jerry: now known as Jihad Jerry
Jerry (grinning)
Jerry Casale and Ms Divine
Me: uhhh. Do you feel a bit overshadowed by Mark, because he seems to have a lot of fans over there.... (points to the fans mauling Mark) Do you feel neglected?

Jerry Casale  is one happy dude. Jerry: Well this is his art show. It's not mine
Me: Oh are you buddies with him?
Jerry : No
Me: Do you get his money when he sells a painting
Jerry: No
Me: Are you here for the free wine.
Jerry: No
Me: why are you here?
Jerry: To see beautiful girls like you
Me: What about the age difference. Does that bother you
Jerry: What.
Me: the age difference?
Jerry: No, age difference makes no difference.
Me: oh my...This is Ms. Divine reporting for Ms. Divine's Le tee hee heure.

Heading over to Jerry again to ask more questions

At that time I was not sure who Jerry Casale was. I mean I listen to their music but never paid attention to names or faces.

Me: We are going to talk with the other guy from Devo, we don't know who he is. But we are going to uh find out Gimme a moment. Let me just weed my way into the crowd and find out what's going on He is taking a mighty long time to autograph things. I don't know why..... Ok lets see.

Me: Oopss sorry sorry. (as I banged into some people) They are taking photos with the fans. So let them take photos with the fans, before we ask any questions.
Jerry: Hi there, more pimpy questions?

Me: Ok the first question is. Do you feel you get more women because you are in Devo or you are actually a very handsome man?
Jerry grinning: I got rewarded for doing something right in life. Sometimes when you create something and its successful, women go for you. The same way they go for successful brain surgeons, sports action, heros.
Ms. Divine's video interview with Jerry Casale of Devo for the Ms. Divine's tee hee heure Ms Divine interviews Jerry Casale of Devo

Me: But do you ever feel that women like you because you have money and you are from Devo or do you think they like you for your true personality.
Jerry: hahehehe Oh they, like me for what I can do with my tongue.
Me: Ewww. Yucky. Perhaps we will spare everyone the details..... But do you ever wonder one night, and think "Perhaps I am not as handsome as I thought I was. Maybe women don' really like me. Do you ever have those nights.. Oh nobody likes me. I am such an ugly duckling....
Jerry: Yeah, well I don't really care if anybody likes me. That was always

Me: No but do you ever think that.
Jerry: No I don't care if anybody likes me.
Me: That's pretty nice
Jerry: it makes you free. Don't care what anybody thinks. Don't care if they like you. F**k em life is too short.
Me: ok... thank you very much.
Jerry: thank you.

Later on as I tried to get some secrets:

Me: ok you want me to shut the camera off.
Jerry: yeah
Me: personal conversation with Devo.

Unfortunately I took a bit too long to shut off my camera and Jerry had escaped into the night. Alas no secrets were unearthed...